The main issue is to provide a design solution that meets the multiple requirements of the vehicle and associated systems.


Eduardo Arceredillo

March, 2022






TEKNIKER is a private non-profit research organization founded in 1981 with over 280 researchers and a turnover of around 24 M€ in 2020. The specific mission is to help industrial sector to increase its innovative capacity by means of generating and applying technology and knowledge to be more competitive. Its expertise covers a wide range of technology allowing them to provide services to a range of sectors from automotive over aeronautics up to assistive technologies and to develop good variety of products. In this project two technological units of TEKNIKER will be deeply involved to address the challenge: Automation and Control Unit (AUT) and Electronics and Communication Unit (ELE).

Eduardo Arceredillo. Electronic Engineer with more than 35 years of experience in designing and developing electronic devices (hardware, firmware, and comms). He joined TEKNIKER in 1992 and currently is working in the Electronics and Communication Unit as a senior researcher.

Could you describe the role of WP2 in Leonardo concept?

Work package 2 is devoted to the design and development of the vehicle. It starts from the consolidation of the concept and style design, considering inputs from WP1 about safety, legal requirements, and users’ needs. After thar detailed specifications will be elaborated and then all design aspects will be developed including structural analysis and mechanical design, electrical and electronics, control firmware, battery pack solution, HMI interfaces and data collector platform.

Which are the main challenges faced by WP2?

The main issue is to provide a design solution that meets the multiple requirements of the vehicle and associated systems.

Which will be the outcomes of this WP?

This work package will provide detailed designs to be used in the construction of the prototypes of the vehicles, battery packs and remote interaction mechanism in subsequent wok packages.

    Leonardo is supported by the European Union. Have you participated in more projects funded by the EU? How do you evaluate them?

    Tekniker is widely known for his role as one of the Spanish technological centres with higher returns in the European Framework Programme (over 200 contracts signed with the Commission of the European Union since 1989) and also for its exclusive offer and extensive experience in the field of machine and tool manufacturing.