Do you want your city to be one of the first to test the Leonardo micro vehicle?


April, 2022







Leonardo is an EU funded project aiming at developing a new microvehicle based on the smart fusion of the concepts of monowheel and scooter.

The vehicle will be tested in a real environment with pilots in 4 European cities: Rome (Italy), Eilat (Israel) and 2 others that will be identified through a competitive selection procedure.

Pilots will be implemented with 4 battery charging stations and 100 vehicles. Cities hosting the pilots will benefit from a sustainable and innovative mobility service provided by the project consortium.

Cities willing to participate in the competition will be invited to attend (physically or on-line) the ‘Roma Conference’ in the summer 2022, when the Rome pilot will be kicked-off. In that occasion, a selection methodology will be presented and competing cities will be invited to present, accordingly, a pilot proposal in 4 months.

Tentative criteria of selection will be constituted by the following:

  • Clear, effective and detailed design of the pilot and of the management and maintenance aspects.
  • Awareness and communication campaigns before and during the pilot running included a project conference organized in the pilot site.
  • User engagement and procedures to encourage population participation.
  • Gamification procedures, sponsors as well as supporters;
  • Guarantees that the pilot will be made. For example, private operators will have to demonstrate that any host city support the project with public acts of the host city.
  • Co-financing provided by sites’ representatives in terms of activities (extension, local management support, etc.).
  • After project exploitation opportunities.
  • Visibility given to the pilot and marketing approach.
  • Integration of microvehicles and battery sharing system with local public transport both functional and fares.
  • Innovative solutions proposed in terms of implementation, management, business model etc.
  • Geographic localization.
  • Legal framework analysed and limiting locally the run of the pilot.  

Project consortium is glad to invite your city to express its interest in joining the competitive selection procedure by replying top the following e-mail: coming soon.

We remain at your disposal for any clarification.

Lookking forward to getting you on-board.


Leonardo Project team.