UNeed.IT aims to design, develop, support and monitor the operation of the pilot that will be the first test of the Leonardo vehicle.


May, 2022







  1. Could you describe the role of WP… in Leonardo concept?

UNeed.IT is a relevant partner in the project and is involved in most of the WPs.

UNee.IT is leading WP4 about the “on field test in the city of Rome”, with the aim of designing, developing, supporting and monitoring the operation of the pilot which will be the very first test of Leonardo vehicle.

The successful implementation of this demo will serve as basis for the replication of the activities in other cities. WP4 will start at M7 and run until the end of the project.

  1. Which are the main challenges faced by WP4?

WP4 has to face some relevant challenges.

The first relevant challenge will be to define the precise location of demo activities. In fact, the large dimensions of Rome require the identification of the best sites where deploying 50 vehicles to get adequate information for the project.

The second relevant challenge will be the management of the Demo to collect all the data needed for good result of the project.

Concluding the legal approval of the vehicle It is not a big obstacle. Indeed according to the Italian legal framework, even if with some limitation, a self-certification of the vehicle manufacturer is enough to let Leonardo vehicle circulate on the Italian urban public roads.  

  1. Which will be the outcomes of WP4?

This WP will provide important outcomes (technical and business-related) and feedbacks which will be used to improve the Leonardo vehicles, the battery sharing business models and the App to collect data. Such outcomes will constitute relevant inputs for the setting-up of the other 3 demos.


  1. How do you expect that Leonardo will change current manufacturing processes?

Leonardo will have for sure a relevant impact on the micro vehicles market and the smart fusion of mono wheel and kick scooter will become in few years the benchmark for the production of new micro vehicles.

  1. Leonardo is supported by the European Union. Have you participated in more projects funded by the EU? How do you evaluate them?

UNeed.IT has 15 years of experience in EU co-funded projects in different programs, including coordination activities. This kind of projects is crucial for the cross fertilization among different countries and companies.