Tekniker, the responsible for the electrical part of the Leonardo micro vehicle.


June, 2022







How is the Leonardo engine different from other micro vehicles?

Leonardo project aims to develop an electric micro vehicle, suitable to ensure urban-readiness, appropriate range, compatibility with public transport (easy access to busses, trams, and trains). The vehicle will be owned by users or used in a public shared mobility scheme. The final outcome aims to be an affordable, safe, easy to manage and cheap to maintain electric micro-vehicle, which does not require parking and is not left on the road or on the sidewalk and that overcomes the limitation of currently available micro-vehicles.


What important features does it have?

Leonardo solution includes a control mechanism based on steering column tilt angle sensing that will provide an intuitive driving experience for a two wheels vehicle. Its folding mechanism also enables a compact solution that, in addition to trolley control mode, will help the user during vehicle transportation. Parametrization will be available to fine tune performance or country dependent limits.


What type of battery will be used for Leonardo?

Leonardo micro vehicle will be compatible with shared mobility schemes. It has a fixed battery and one optional removable shared battery. By removing the shared battery, the vehicle will be more compact and lighter when it is stored at home or in the workplace (office/school) in addition to having all the advantages of battery sharing. State of charge of both batteries is managed automatically.